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Phillip, Centerville

Ordering from Herbs Oils & You is simple, affordable, and prompt. The owner of this fine business, Diane Voikos is a knowledgeable holistic health product provider and a long time athlete.

I highly recommend these products and others. You will not regret the investment in your good health.

Lee, Sandwich

Dianne’s muscle balm is nothing short of amazing. Being a triathlete who is constantly training Dianne’s muscle balm has helped with my recovery. Between Dianne’s massages and her muscle balm I have been able to recover quickly and helped me get to the start line of ironman many times. I also use the muscle balm on my 11year old when her muscles are sore from swimming.

George, Cape Cod

At 55 years old it takes me a while to loosen up. Dianne’s Herbs Oils &You Natural Sports balm is great to use before and after a workout. Give it a try. I think you’ll love it! It will keep you in the game no matter how old you are.

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